In 2023 the Coaching Industry Market size was $20 Billion.


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Anush Papogian

Life Coach, Founder at The Kidz Salon

"GAC Certitifcation has helped me in many areas of my life but most of all assisted in my self- awareness, I gained more confidence and support my true self without giving it a second thought! Developed more leadership skills and taking ownership of my life for 100%! And so many more!"

Kinga Chis

Life Coach, Human Resources Specialist

"GAC Certitifcation has helped me in sooo many ways in my life! I left no stone unturned in many aspects of my life and courageously faced the - sometimes - unpleasant truths that I uncovered. In spite of everything, I bravely took up the challenge to improve in spite of all the hard work. And it all paid off! And still continues to!"

Maxime Schötz

HR, Learning & Development

With the global coaching family next to me and supporting me I know that I can be myself and that everything is possible. There won't be a world without coaching and even though I still work in corporate now, I learned how to implement this in my daily job and I'm working on starting the best coaching business in the world!

Stephanie Georgiou

ACC, Ops & Marketing Manager

"The Certification has helped me realise who I really am and what I really want in my life. Now I believe, I respect and love myself more. I have also met people who have similar aspirations as me and who want to take their life to the next level. I feel that coaching has helped me become a better person."

Olga Koumparaki

Certified Life Coach, Businesswoman

"After my research I realised that GAC was a very professional and serious coaching academy. I felt safe under the ICF umbrella. Also, after watching some videos with Jill Douka, I got inspired to have her as my coach-mentor."

Mary Arnaoutopoulou


"All in all, the GAC Leadership Certification has transformed my life! I feel way more confident because I learned how to communicate and maintain healthy boundaries. I now prioritise my well being, myself, my dreams, needs, wants and desires."

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Do you Want to Transform Your Career
into a Journey of Meaning?

Do you want to achieve Personal Harmony and Happiness No Matter What?

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Jill Douka MBA, Master Certified Coach, who belongs to the 4% of coaches globally created the Global Academy of Coaching Leadership Certification, to train high achievers to become the best coaches in the world.

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Do you aim to:


- Become the best version of yourself?

- Develop your Leadership skills?

- Build a career of meaning while you help others achieve their goals?

The GAC Leadership Certification accredited Level 1 and Level 2 by International Coaching Federation are tailored to help you reach your full potential.

With the GAC Leadership Certification, you start coaching from the first month, you build your coaching business and many of our students pay off their tuition fees while they study.

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What we do:


1. We coach you to know yourself and become a Leader

2. We train you to coach others

3. We coach you to build your coaching business


Transform Your Life and Others

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Since 2016...

- Our Graduates feedback for 2023 is 9,5/10
- Over 400 graduates
- Over 20 cohorts
- Our students start coaching from the first month of their studies



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Message from the Director of Studies of Global Academy of Coaching

Jill Douka Master Certified Coach, MBA


"Back in 2008, when my coaching journey began, I longed for a comprehensive program like GAC's. Each year, we meticulously train a select group of students, transforming them into world-class coaches. They first become leaders of their lives, then inspire others to do the same. My mission is to empower you to become a coach leader, to help people, build a thriving business, earn well, and create the life you truly deserve. Join us at GAC, and let's make this vision a reality together." Jill Douka, MBA, MCC.


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Leadership Certification

Join the Elite at Global Academy of Coaching Leadership Certification


Experience world-class coaching education with our hand-picked, exceptional professors at the Global Academy of Coaching. Our prestigious ICF Accredited Level 1 and Level 2 certification program stands out globally, boasting over 70% of faculty members at the Master Certified Coach (MCC) level – a distinction held by only 4% of coaches worldwide. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best.


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Transform Your Life at Global Academy of Coaching


- Are you ready to set and achieve life-altering goals?

- Passionate about personal development?

- Eager to gain a new perspective on life?

- Whether for personal enhancement or professional advancement, our program is designed for you.

- Develop yourself, improve your life, and become a world-class life coach.

- Make a real difference in the world.


Your journey to greatness starts here.


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We empower you to build your business while you study, and you can pay off your tuition fees.

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