The Four Step Framework to Build Your Future in 30 Days



Do you want to:


  • Be Clear on Where You Are 
  • Be Clear on What you Want
  • Rewire your Brain towards Endless Potential 
  • Have a Written Plan with your next steps towards creating your Desired Life




 Are 90 minutes per week and €99 worth your dreams? 

Hi, this is Jill Douka one of the top 4% coaches in the world.

You are here so you are a high achiever.
You are here because you want more.
You are here because you want to become a better version of yourself.


Well, you are in the right place!

I have supported thousands of students in 4 continents to make their dreams a reality.

And I must tell you I always admire so much the vast changes that my students create.
The potential is immense once you have the RIGHT TOOLS. And I am here to give them to You.

I made it super affordable so that you will have no excuses.

You will need to invest

90 minutes per week

That is all i ask from you. And you will also get some really cool bonuses


1 coaching session for free! Yes, what you read is True.


We will work one on one with you to ensure that you
Make it Happen.

What will happen once you have a
VERY clear Plan for your Life
working with one of the
Best Coaches in the world?



By the end of the 30 days you will:


  • Be Clear on Where You Are 
  • Be Clear on What you Want
  • Rewire your Brain towards Endless Potential 
  • Have a Written Plan with your next steps towards creating your Desired Life


The Plan 4 weekly videos,

exercises and resources from €2360



  1. 1  free coaching session worth of €1000 
  2. The #1 bestsellers e-books Create Love and How to Create Your Life worth of €36 total 

Total value of €1036                                                                                


ONLY €99! 


Karen Tsantila

Life Coach, Owner of franchise stores

"As a result of me working with Jill Douka MCC and my studies in Global Academy of Coaching, for the first time in my life I feel I have everything in place and I have found my balance, although this is one of the most busiest times of my life. I find solutions to every challenge. I now work with any negative experiences or feelings and I find gratitude in every situation. I was a positive person in general, but now I have reached an incredible level. I have upgraded my life in all areas of my life. From chaos, I now have personal time and I communicate healthy boundaries. I live my days in happiness and this is amazing. I am building my coaching business even before I graduate. I am grateful."

Anush Papogian

Certified Professional Coach

"It has helped me in many areas of my life but most of all assisted in my self- awareness, I gained more confidence and support my true self without giving it a second thought! Developed more leadership skills and taking ownership of my life for 100%! And so many more !!!"

Tonia Christoforidi

Life Coach

"Before my session with Jill Douka MCC, I had feelings of guilt and had second thoughts about my choices. Now I found the strategy to love and accept me under any conditions. Everything is good, I feel empowered and very confident in myself. Thank you!"

Kinga Chis

Certified Professional Coach

"In sooo many ways! I left no stone unturned in many aspects of my life and courageously faced the - sometimes - unpleasant truths that I uncovered. In spite of everything, I bravely took up the challenge to improve in spite of all the hard work. And it all paid off! And still continues to!"

Alexandra Chorozidou

Personal Coach for Women and Mothers

"Working with Jill Douka MCC in just one coaching session I banished my fears, I felt confidence in myself, strength and faith that I will succeed in the goals we set. I feel safe and self-sufficient. I can't wait for the next one!"


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