Meditation : What Money wants to tell you
by Jill Douka MBA,MCC

Let's meet your Coach Jill Douka...

Jill Douka MBA,MCC

Jill Douka MBA, MCC is a Master Certified Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation in the 4% of coaches worldwide, International Bestselling Author of Create Love, bestselling author of How to Create Your Life and Suddenly Now, and Woman Now. Business Mentor Awarded by European Union and Global Academy of Coaching Director

She is Greek Canadian and has trained, coached and mentored thousands of individuals in Europe, USA and Asia. She is considered to be one of the most acclaimed coaches in Europe by the press and is one of the first Europeans invited to speak in a TEDx event in Asia and Europe in the same year.

She is the founder of Global Academy of Coaching which is dedicated into supporting individuals to become coaches who support their clients to thrive while at the same time they serve as top leaders within their community. She holds an MBA from ALBA and is an International Coach Academy graduate.

She is a frequent guest in tv and radio shows and has been featured in major publications like The Times of India, Madame Figaro and more. She supports people to successfully cope with change by unlocking their strengths, energy and goals. Some of GAC clients are Kraft, Microsoft, Iberdrola, Peiraios Bank, Bank of Cyprus. You may see her speakers brochure:

She has studied Human Resources in Cornell University and holds a Masters degree in Cultural Management and Political Science from Université Paris Dauphine. Studied Contemporary Dance and Choreography in Merce Cunningham Foundation in New York. Jill is a member of Hellenic Coaching Association, member of the European Business Mentors, member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and founding member of the European Evolutionary Business Council. She is a member of International Coach Federation.

You may order Jill’s International Awarded Bestseller Create Love here:

Mrs Douka was chosen and awarded as a mentor at the European Business Mentors network. She is an active philanthropist.

Karen Tsantila

Life Coach, Owner of franchise stores

"As a result of me working with Jill Douka MCC and my studies in Global Academy of Coaching, for the first time in my life I feel I have everything in place and I have found my balance, although this is one of the most busiest times of my life. I find solutions to every challenge. I now work with any negative experiences or feelings and I find gratitude in every situation. I was a positive person in general, but now I have reached an incredible level. I have upgraded my life in all areas of my life. From chaos, I now have personal time and I communicate healthy boundaries. I live my days in happiness and this is amazing. I am building my coaching business even before I graduate. I am grateful."

Anush Papogian

Certified Professional Coach

"It has helped me in many areas of my life but most of all assisted in my self- awareness, I gained more confidence and support my true self without giving it a second thought! Developed more leadership skills and taking ownership of my life for 100%! And so many more !!!"

Alexandra Chorozidou

Personal Coach for Women and Mothers

"Working with Jill Douka MCC in just one coaching session I banished my fears, I felt confidence in myself, strength and faith that I will succeed in the goals we set. I feel safe and self-sufficient. I can't wait for the next one!"

Tonia Christoforidi

Life Coach

"Before my session with Jill Douka MCC, I had feelings of guilt and had second thoughts about my choices. Now I found the strategy to love and accept me under any conditions. Everything is good, I feel empowered and very confident in myself. Thank you!"

Kinga Chis

Certified Professional Coach

"In sooo many ways! I left no stone unturned in many aspects of my life and courageously faced the - sometimes - unpleasant truths that I uncovered. In spite of everything, I bravely took up the challenge to improve in spite of all the hard work. And it all paid off! And still continues to!"

Vasiliki Tsakiri

Life Coach

"Before my session with Jill Duke MCC, there had been a lot of misfortunes in my life. Through the session, I made a plan for what exactly I want and how I will get it. I feel satisfied, that I will succeed and I am calm. Now is my chance and I do! "


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